Health & Wellness Coaching

Our newest service available at Body Focus, health and wellness coaching. Our Independent and Certified Coaches are here to customize a plan for your overall health and wellness goals. Whether you have a little or a lot of weight to release, are looking for next step optimal living or finding yourself reverting to old habits, we have plans available for you!

Customized plans are available for:

  • All ages and genders
  • Nursing mamas
  • Individuals with certain medical conditions including thyroid concerns and diabetes


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All our plans are focused on 2 areas in particular—healthy body and healthy mind.

Healthy Body

Backed by decades of research through John Hopkins University, our plans are designed to safely and efficiently get your body into a gentle fat burn, allowing for successful weight release with a super easy to follow plan. Transition and maintenance plans available to support your long term success, your coach will be there every step of the way!

Healthy Mind

We all know a salad is better than a hamburger…there is a reason we choose what we choose despite what our brain is telling us. Working on your mindset when it comes to your healthy habits is what sets this program apart from others. Throughout the process, you will be learning and understanding your own habits, how they relate to your daily choices and what you can do (or choose not to do) to support your overall health goals.

Together we partner to:

  • set individualized goals for your own desires
  • assist you in dreaming what’s possible for your long term health
  • help you live to your fullest potential
  • provide multiple layers of accountability to help you achieve your goals
  • guide you to educational resources to facilitate your long term success
  • establish an individualized nutritional plan to support your goals
  • welcome you into one of the most supportive communities you will ever experience

My Own Journey

My journey is always one step at a time. Each day I contend for my own health. Each day I get to make choices that either serve me. Each day I choose to enjoy the journey. Health is not a diet, it’s not a one and done. It’s lifelong. It’s a transformation that occurs at both the heart and mindset level.

I love supporting my clients in all aspects of health, including weight release! Through our program we target healthy weight, hydration, motion, sleep, emotional management and surroundings.

Laura Hurd

Independent and Certified Optavia Coach

Laura Hurd, owner of Body Focus, is a mom to 3 and wife to Mason (founder of Body Focus). Laura stepped into the management role of Body Focus in 2018 as Mason stepped full time into a different career path. Now an independent and certified coach, she enjoys serving her clients with helping them establish their own goals, providing a means of guidance and accountability and cheering them on through their successes. In her down time, Laura does everything scouts. From horseback riding in the mountains of New Mexico to backpacking through the wilderness, Laura’s passion for adventure and providing memorable experiences for her scouts is apparent. Laura also enjoys swinging a hammer and creating a transformation in her family’s property investment company.